For a preliminary assessment of the cost of your order, please carefully review the PRODUCTS section and choose the material from which it is supposed to produce windows and doors, they are:
     - Wood - aluminum,
     - Aluminum, or
     - Metal and plastic.

     Then select the type of profile you ponravivschiysya system, the type of wood (if wood - aluminum), and the color of the windows inside and out.
    Specify the desired characteristics of glass. This information, together with the preliminary drawings of your windows and doors send to:
    The calculation of the cost of pre-front designs and conservatories can be made after the three basic conditions:
     - Receipt of your technical specifications, including drawings and specifications necessary for light transmission, thermal conductivity, and safety glass. (If you do not know, we can advise you.)
     - Visits of the construction by our experts and perform the preliminary measurements.
     - Development of design solutions.
     Final assessment value of the order is executed after verification measurements at the facility agreement with the customer all the technical, design solutions and the final drawing.
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