The main principle of our work - the production of products of the highest quality. This is achieved:

    - The modern equipment of leading European leaders ROTOX (Germany), URBAN (Germany), WEGOMA (Germany), WEINING (Germany), BAVELONI (Italy) and others.
    - Constant updating of hardware and building up production capacity.
    - The use of advanced technologies in the processing of metal, wood, glass, plastic, and their constant improvement.
    - The use of components of the highest quality.
    - Many years of experience and high qualifications of all participants in the proceedings.
    - Individual approach to each Customer.
    - Certification of all kinds of products and the availability of licenses for the construction and installation works.
    - Adoption of system of quality management in accordance with the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
Our details:

Ukraine, 65113,
Odessa, prospect Ac. Glushko 1,
"The house windows Morimoto and Co". 
Tel / Fax (+38 048) 7159777 
E-mail: morimoto-odessa@ukr.net

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