The basic standard double-glass windows are available with thickness D =42 with a coefficient of heat transferRo=0,60 2 o/, which is used polished FLOAT - glass manufacturing concern SAINT-GOBEIN, argonozapolnennye or triple- glazed windows with energy-saving windows with the corresponding coefficient Ro = 0,90 M2 Co / watt. Optional instead of aluminum spacers in steklopekete are special frames THERMIX, which create Thermobreak between the panes in the edge zones , reducing the thermal conductivity, and increase the resistance to heat transfer of R sealed as a whole. Optional instead of aluminum spacers in steklopekete are special frames THERMIX, which create Thermobreak between the panes in the edge zones, reducing the thermal conductivity, and increase the resistance to heat transfer of R sealed as a whole. To achieve the various needs of your house to the design process of the proposed special windows with double-glazed windows dekrativnymi, mirror, tinted, impact-resistant (hardened), and safety glasses.The level of noise protection for the base glass not less than 37-38 dB, and they are suitable for a comfortable stay in any area of ??the city. In case of necessity "antishumny" effect is amplified up to 43 dB using laminated glass spacers of different widths and argon gas.
        Appointment window - to provide natural sun room lighting and protect it from the cold, heat, rain and wind. Of what would a modern material or supporting structure is made windows - plastic, thermally insulated aluminum , wood or composite wood eurobar - aluminum , double-glazed window is extremely great role in determining the heat-protective qualities of the window as a whole ( Figure 1. ), Because the windows are usually occupies a large portion of the window , and through it happen " leakage " of heat from the premises in the surrounding area ( Fig. 2 ). However, not everyone understands that the window glass - different.




Table 1. Thermal resistance of single-chamber glass (Ro)
Formula sealed Regular glass regular glass + argon One Low E glass One Low E glass + argon
4-8-4 0,328 0,358 0,461 0,578
4-10-4 0,345 0,373 0,518 0,645
4-12-4 0,356 0,382 0,552 0,662
4-14-4 0,360 0,382 0,552 0,658
4-16-4 0,358 0,380 0,546 0,649
4-18-4 0,358 0,379 0,540 0,641
4-20-4 0,356 0,377 0,534 0,633

       Considering the numerical expression of the amount of heat through the window prhodyaschego, characterized by the value Ro, called "heat resistance" (Table 1.), We see that the single-chamber glass with conventional glass today is not acceptable for new construction and renovation of old buildings in any of the temperature zones Ukraine, including the extreme south, as the actual thermal resistance of the package is less than the normative values ?(Ro = 0,50 M2 Co / W) for III climatic zones of Ukraine and (Ro = 0,60 M2 Co / W) for I and II klimatichekskih zones.
        It is understood that tables shown in (Fig. 1,2) characterize the thermal glass and the central region are theoretical , whereas in practice, these values may be worse in the edge zones glazing. This is due to the fact that the structure for separating glass panes are usually used spacers ( FIG.1 .) Of aluminum having a high thermal conductivity. The actual value of thermal resistance of each individual package will depend not only on the currently selected window , but also on the ratio between the area and the perimeter of glass sealed units. The larger the area sealed (eg , a large window ) , the closer the value to the theoretical analogue Ro (Table 1 , 2).
       Unlike other manufacturers, we offer made ?by the new production line of the company "BAVELLONI" windows not only with the traditional aluminum spacer frame, but with a warm and windows frame in which the separator is used special spacers "THERMIX" (Germany)(Fig. 3.), which has a very low thermal conductivity, which improves the quality of the sealed unit as a whole and allowing the cold time of the year to minimize the risk of condensation on the windows in the edge zone.
        Pay special attention to the fact that solidly made modern windows are sealed and have absolutely the opposite side of the coin - with the "wrong" of their operation may occur undesirable effects fogging stekol.Pod "wrong" operating primarily understood the complete absence or inadequate ventilation of the room frequently. High humidity and low temperature inside the room making their negative contribution to the possibility of condensation of moisture on the glass units.
        In order to avoid the formation of condensation on the surface of the glass, you need to install double-glazed windows with a large value of Ro and reduce indoor humidity to acceptable sanitation standards.         In the face of ever-increasing energy prices to maintain a comfortable environment inside our homes costing us more and more expensive, and this applies to both the winter and the summer (air-conditioning).
       Therefore, the contribution of funds to energy efficient windows is extremely beneficial for you and your children. Not so essential supplement to the price of conventional glass in the energy-saving windowswith "heat mirror" warm and spacers (Fig. 3.) Can be recouped in just one or two winter seasons.

Table 2. Thermal resistance triple-pane windows (Ro)
Distance Glass thickness () Filling Ordinary glass One Low E glass
8 28 air 0,495 0,645
10 28 air 0,529 0,735
12 36 air 0,556 0,800
14 40 air 0,571 0,820
16 44 air 0,580 0,810
8 28 argon 0,556 0,813
10 32 argon 0,585 0,917
12 36 argon 0,606 0,980
14 40 argon 0,617 0,980
16 44 argon 0,627 0,990



Dual-chamber argon filled windows with energy efficient windows and two spacers "THERMIX".

D =42 mm
Ro=1,27 2o/.

Double-glass with two energy-efficient windows and I-glass plus spacers "THERMIX".

D =42 mm
Ro=1,06 2o/.

Double chamber argon filled windows with a single energy-efficient glass and I-glass plus spacers "THERMIX".

D =42 mm
Ro=0,9 2o/.

Triple-pane windows with ordinary glass and plus spacers "THERMIX".

D =42 mm
Ro=0,60 2o/.

,where D - thickness of glass; Ro - reduced resistance to heat transfer.

The latest production line of the company "BAVELLONI" insulating glass production.

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