The variety of window designs by "HOUSE OF WINDOWS Morimoto & Co." provided by a combination of well-developed specialized systems and their compatibility with the fitting mechanisms leading European manufacturers such as MACO, GU, HAUTAU, SEGENIA, SAVIO, HOPPE, FAPIM, GIESSE, ABLOY, etc., are of high quality absolutely all elements of hardware, where priority emphasis on reliability, durability, strength and aesthetics..
     All hardware used is made of quality materials, steel casting, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel spring and highly durable plastics.
     The main types of mechanisms: swivel, tilt and turn, folding, sliding parallel systems, "garmoshechnogo" type, for the semi-circular arched windows and round, trapezoidal, and other equipment, fitted by the customer fuses from arbitrary slam the valves, multi-winding mechanisms and anti-theft devices .

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