In the production process focuses on the inner surface finishing izdeliy.Osnovnye basic types of wood - oak, ash and mahogany - at all stages of processing, such as sawing, drying, sizing, profiling, sanding and others that are tested and screened, resulting in primeneiya products only in very high-quality wood that meets the highest standards of aesthetics, design and durability.

       The wide range of colors together with the possibilities of the use of different types of wood are able to cater to any customer and difficult to "fit", but rather to decorate the most refined interior of the house.
Special impregnation protect wood products from all sorts of undesirable effects during operation and give her a long life.
       Multi-coating, carefully polished wood with special dyes and lacquers create a strong and durable semi-matte or matte surface, Uninflected their properties for many years.

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