Modern wooden windows have a lot of indisputable advantages . The tree image of a beautiful, expensive and prestigious material. From the point of view of aesthetics, design and beauty of interior decoration home well treated wood has no equal. However , from an engineering point of view, the tree is not the best material for the production of windows .
         In a wooden box bad climatic resistance, even modern paints can not effectively protect the wood from sunlight, water , acid rain , salt fog (actually in coastal areas ) , frosts. Therefore, the service life of wooden windows without losing their original quality evidence is very limited . For these reasons, wooden windows have to restore or protect the outside aluminum trim.
         However, experience in the operation of such windows has shown that despite the seemingly unchanging view window , the destruction of the protective layer of wood and is under the aluminum trim , but more slowly. And it is visually imperceptible , because covered plates. The main cause of damage to the protective layer of paint timber - a large number of transitions through zero outside air temperature . If this occurs Western Europe 20 - 30 times in a year, climate Ukraine this figure varies on average from 60 to 70.
         Experts have noticed that in conditions of high humidity and salt fog in coastal regions (this is actually the whole south of Ukraine), where elite wood - aluminum products are especially in demand, destruction of the protective layer of wood under the aluminum trim can be even faster than without them. Wood is a porous medium capable of absorb and release moisture, thus changing its geometrical dimensions that an adverse impact on the corner joints of window frames and leads to loss of strength of a wooden structure as a whole and eventually collapse.
         Where then is the way out?
         Realizing the impossibility of finding a one-stop window material , the designers have come to the conclusion that the solution is to create a combined window designs of different materials, each of which will show them in their best quality .
         "The house windows Morimoto Co. " offers you the ELITE wood - aluminum windows of composite profiles of WOODAL, combining the best qualities of three materials : the beauty of natural wood , the strength and durability of aluminum and POLYAMIDE ability to maintain heat. This combination of three materials in a single profile of window - door system is considered to be the most progressive and has advantages over any known modern wooden , plastic or aluminum systems.
         The basic idea is simple:


        - Inside a tree - a natural material with good insulating properties , architecturally distinctive , integrated perfectly with any interior details .
        - Outside ALUMINIUM - weather resistant and extremely durable material , which is the basis for securing fittings , double glazing, requiring no special care of the surface and the periodic painting , inevitable for the outside of the wooden windows.
        - In the middle of Polyamide , connecting wood and aluminum into a single profile.
        Constructive solution of WOODAL guarantees high performance and power-saving features , the perfect aesthetic perception , as well as a long service life of windows.

    inside                  on the outside

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