The strength and durability of windows WOODAL is provided by self-supporting aluminum profiles (1) , (2) , because it is the aluminum timber Most sturdy, durable, climate-resistant material, which is not in vain has a special role in aeronautical engineering and construction of the "skyscrapers".
        - Internal wooden (4) of the profile is made of elite varieties of solid wood with a furniture finish, does not change its beauty throughout the life of the okna.Derevo is in comfortable conditions excluding the negative impact of external natural and anthropogenic factors.
       - High thermal performance profile provides a unique material polyamide (5), having an extremely low thermal conductivity.
        -Profile WOODAL has two thermal break:
First, the polyamide (5) , between the outer (1) and inner (2) parts of aluminum profile.
Second, nylon (8) , connecting with a special clip-on system aluminum and wooden parts of the profile. This system allows you to offset the difference in the temperature variations of geometrical sizes of wooden and aluminum components of the profile, which makes a significant contribution to the life of window designs.
        - Profile system WOODAL has
        three O circuit (7) of frost material EPDM, thereby achieving the maximum density of the porch windows.
        - Windows WOODAL equipped with double-glass (9) of thickness 42 – 52 mm with energy-saving windows and warm distance frame THERMIX (10). Insulating glass sealing system (3) is implemented without the use of silicone sealants with EPDM. This is the most practical and durable option seals, giving a tangible advantage over products from eurobar.
        - To improve the thermal insulation of the average nylon part of the profile is filled with foam polystyrene spacers (6).
        - Storing heat in the room is provided by the design of the profiles WOODAL - first thickness profiles up to 125 мм ((5-warm chamber plastic boxes of 70 mm), and the multi-structure) in which the alternating aluminum, polyamide, polystyrene, nylon and wood components.
        Enterprise "HOUSE OF WINDOWS MORIMOTO & CO." Offers two subsystems of WOODAL-MTI and WOODAL-PH profiles, which differ in size and design of polyamide thermal bridges, the thickness of insulating glass units and the number of glasses in them. Window structures have the following characteristics of thermal conductivity:
        Uw=0.74 - 0.8 W/m2°C  from WOODAL-MTI with double glazed
windows   Ug=0.71 W/m2°C.
        Uw=0.69-0.71 W/m2°C   from WOODAL-PH with three-chamber insulating
glass   Ug=0.59 W/m2°C.

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