The offered products are manufactured in the city of Odessa on the premises of our company and is sold under the brand name "House windows Morimoto & Co." on the territory of Ukraine since 1997. This work is made through official trade representatives or directly through the main office.
    In addition to the city of Odessa, our representatives are based in the cities of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Izmail, where you can get all kinds of services, such as:
    - Advice on the choice of window and door manufacturing, based on the specific problem of the consumer.
    - Technological measurements at the site and the development of design solutions of windows, doors, translucent facades, conservatories and other partitions.
    - Calculate the cost of ordering and selection of optimal pricing decisions without compromising the quality and technical performance light-transparent structures.
    - Sharing (with the customer), the solution of design issues, such as the geometrical shapes of profiles, configurations, windows, selection of colors and textures of finishing profiles, selection of glass and much more.
    - Delivery of the site and installation of products.
    - Warranty (5 years) and post-warranty service performance of products purchased from us. Experience of recent years has shown that the rapid development of electronic means of communication in our society, as well as improving the quality of roads in Ukraine leads to the fact that steel is much closer to our customers.
    The role of the office in the structural network of sales increases from year to year. It focused a large number of samples of windows and doors, and always at your disposal a highly skilled staff are willing, if necessary, immediately leave the object in any region of the country. We have huge experience in the installation of light - transparent structures on the territory of Ukraine, at any time of the year. And if you're looking for the highest quality products, at reasonable prices, we are happy to assist you.
Our details:

Ukraine, 65113,
Odessa, prospect Ac. Glushko 1,
"The house windows Morimoto and Co". 
Tel / Fax (+38 048) 7159777 

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