1. Question:

(the most asked) How much time do you have a squaremeter box?

    The window is not square meter of flooring or ceramic tiles in the store. For example, the cost of woodaluminum Windows Wood-Al includes the cost of many components, such as:
   - aluminium and polyamide profiles,
   - wooden plates,
   - the connecting nylon clips,
   - painting and decorating interior and exterior window surface,
   - rubber sealing contours,
   - fixing materials: adhesives, hardware, corner connectors,
   - Windows with all their different options for energy conservation, zvukopoglotitel, concetrate, safety, strength, split, tint glass, decorative glass, presence or absence of "warm edge" in insulating glass units, etc.
   - accessories, with the presence or absence of the function of protivovzlomnye, shape, type and color of the handles,
   - the complexity of the design, which determines not only the manufacturing cost but also the "saturation" of the "square meter" profiles, hardware, sealing rubber, number of joints between the profiles and flow mounting materials.
     These and many more not listed here factors form the cost of the Windows. the meaning That the final cost can confidently be called only after the calculations are made for a SPECIFIC window with all desired requirements.

2. Question:

What is the difference between woodaluminum Windows aluminumwood (aluminumwood) ?

     There are two types of composite Windows, in which manufacturing this is used simultaneously two materials: wood and aluminium    n one case, the window of a traditional wooden Eurobar close the outside aluminum plates to cover up the wood from the damaging effects of rain and sun.
     In a different, more progressive technology, these two materials are combined in the form of a self-supporting thermally insulated aluminum and the inside of the window from solid wood. This technology allows you to make elegant, but more robust and larger window design than a wooden Eurobar.
     As for the name combined Windows aluminum or aluminumwood a clear definition has not yet been settled. Though the term woodaluminium Windows mean Windows and the first and second type, and aluminumwood Windows typically involve only the window of the second type self-supporting aluminum profile and wooden component of the inside of the window (see "the benefits of wood aluminium Windows" of this website).

3. Question:

Discounts, where do they come from ?

     . Where are the biggest discounts? The main causes are two:
     or the price was initially much too high
     or the quality of components Windows is so low that the seller is willing to sell his window at any price, just to sell
     The principles of the company "House Windows Morimoto & Co." rule out unreasonable overpricing. In our work we use high quality components from leading European manufacturers.
     We have advanced equipment and high production standards.
     Discounts that we, under certain conditions, offer our customers economically sound and BENEFICIAL to BOTH PARTIES.

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